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Elementary School English Teachers Training


Training teachers is necessary because of the fact that current generation students don't comprehend traditional teaching methods. We cannot teach students of today with methods of yesterday.  

Considering that English teaching methods have changed, our English department encourages our teachers to train and update by improving their teachers skills in order to perform better with our students who have different traits, interests and learning styles.

Last Wednesday, our English Teachers had the opportunity to have a session with one of the Chief Academic Officers who works for IUANI (Raz-Plus Reading Platform) improving their technological skills. 

Jason as a former classroom teacher in the U.S. and a Chief Academic Officer for over 120 schools internationally brings passionate, wide-ranging viewpoints toward providing practical and effective educational solutions. For over 25 years, Jason has worked with academic leaders around the world. Throughout, he has maintained a firm belief that strong literacy skills significantly impact academic success and life-long learning.  

We are getting ready to welcome our kids!